Who we are?

Savanna HR is a complete Recruitment and staffing solution firm based in Gurgaon catering to the StartUp, EdTech, FinTech, FoodTech, RetailTech, LegalTech,CleanTech, HealthTech. We hire Top Talent for your StartUp who adhere to company culture and are coherent to your business goals. We get inspired from Savanna grassland ecosystem where even in the dense forest trees grow at appropriate spacing and the canopy allows proper light and rainfall to reach the roots . We strive to place right candidate for the right job , so that they are able to create a niche for themselves and give the best to the Employer .

How we work?

We Seek Candidates from Places where they are to be found, not from the places we expect they may be present.

  1. Understand what our client needs .
  2. Map the job requirement
  3. Target to seek the right candidate .
  4. Industry Mapping according to the Requirement.
  5. First Short list
  6. Evaluation of the Candidate and its competencies
  7. Getting the candidates Interviewed
  8. Reference check for the final placement
  9. Assistance wherever the candidates requires from his present company to our Client.
  10. Post Recruitment Follow up
Savanna HR, EdTech Hiring Consultancy