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How to use Quora for Recruitment

Quora is a community of various skillset, preferences and interest area who come on this site to exchange informations, seek answers and interact with other Quorans.

A community of millions automatically makes a fertile pool of industry professionals. And when we talk about social media hiring, Quora is one such place to head hunt. While LinkedIn is officially a social networking site where people connect for professional reasons, but there are many more such places to connect with potential candidates. Quora is one of them. There are few simple steps by which recruiters can tap Quora for recruitment. For a Recruitment Startup like Savanna HR, Quora is a place to connect with potential job seekers.

Create your profile thoughtfully

If you are to use Quora for head hunting, you have to bear that your profile will be scanned too. The assessment will include who you work for, where you are located, and what are your skill sets.

Also create your company profile and invite reviews from fellow Quorans. The more active you are on Quora, more followers will add on.

Keep the conversation active

In order to have a larger audience, you need to engage with people on your industry related topics. Share your expertise and let people benefit from your knowledge so that best consultancy in Delhi NCR can reach you. The more active you are and more you engage with others, there are greater chances you end up meeting a good talent for the position you are hiring.

Identify Talent and contact them

Identify the talent you would want to hire. Send them personal message through their profile and explain them who you are and why you want to connect. Include a genuine appreciation to any of their content. Even if these experts aren’t looking for change, but you would be among few person they are going to approach when they are looking to move on six months down the line.

So best way of social recruiting is connect, engage, with meaningful content and carry forward the conversation towards some meaningful hiring. Quora Hiring method has been helpful in closing top talent by Savanna HR for our clients. Our efforts on social media like Quora helps us place Savanna HR as best consultancy in Delhi NCR