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StartUp Method of Hiring

If you are a startup Owner, key to success is Buying Right, Hiring Right and Selling Right. Everything else is just a conversation. We at Savanna HR help you Hire Right. With 6 years in the Startup Hiring, we have formulated a METHOD which works. This article is about that secret sauce or Magic potion which can enable you to identify and hire the best players who in return will take your company to places. 

We will take you through the four steps of Right Hiring. 

Preparation of Scorecard

The scorecard is a document that describes exactly what you want to accomplish in a role. It is not a job description, but a set of outcomes and competencies that define a job done well. It defines the mission for the position, outcomes that must be accomplished, and competencies that fit with both the culture of the company and the role. You wouldn’t think of having somebody build you a house without an architect’s blueprint in hand. 

The first failure point of hiring is not being crystal clear about what you really want the person you hire to accomplish. 

Sourcing the right talent for the Job

Finding great people is getting harder, but it is not impossible. Systematic sourcing before you have slots to fill ensures you have high quality candidates waiting when you need them. A StartUp hiring means you are always sourcing, always on the lookout for new talent, always identifying the potential hires before you actually need them. Get Referrals, Hire external recruiters and Recruiting researchers. 

Whenever you come across somebody new, ask them a simple yet powerful question: Who are the most talented people you know that I should hire?

Talented people know talented people, and they are almost glad to pass one another’s names. 

Selection Should be method oriented

Select-  Selecting talent in the Startup Method of hiring involves a series of structured interviews that allows you to gather the relevant facts about a person so that you can rate your scorecard and make an informed hiring decision. These structured interviews break the spell of mis hiring. Interview process can be divided into four stages, 

Screening Interview – Its the basic step of winnowing the wheat from the chaff. You ensure that through basic questions which can help you scan the candidates on the basic hygiene.

Specific interview – It gives deeper insight into working pattern of the candidate. It uncovers the career history of candidates and how that would complement the scorecard.

Know them more Interview – This helps you scan the resume and candidate with more magnified lens. You can involve other team members to interview the person. 

Referral Interview – Above stages of interview was to check the skill but the last stage is the check the will of the candidate. Will is all about motivation and competencies a candidate brings to the table. 

Sell your idea to attract the Right talent

Sell – Once you identify people you want on your team through selection, you need to persuade them to join. Selling the right way ensures you avoid the biggest pitfalls that cause the very people you want the most to take their talents elsewhere. It also protects you from the biggest heartbreak of all – losing the perfect candidates at the eleventh hour. 

Startups are doing a great job and solving big problems. At Savanna HR our focus is assisting you in hiring the top talent and enabling you to build a company culture coherent with your business goals. 

Reach us for assistance related to Startup hiring, be it  Fintech, EdTech, healthTech,HRTech, RetailTech, LegalTech, FoodTech, We have our eye on everything Technology and Hiring. We help you filter the best talent who gel with your company culture.